About Michaele Alexander

Long ago and far away someone named Michaele Alexander came into being along the western coast of the United States. Not too long ago and not too far away, for I am still very much alive and creating all manner of things, which hopefully allows me the opportunity to delight and guide.

My main focus is to foster the growth of Kindness in us all, to inspire the Artists and Adventurers that lurk everywhere to come out and show themselves, and in doing so remind each one of us how exceptionally valuable we all are. And to play. I really want all of us to remember how to have fun while we are here. It’s a lofty goal, but what is life without dreams?

I grew up amidst lakes dotting the mountains along the western coast of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I swam through life alongside dolphins, turtles, whales and shore birds of all kinds, sailing, paddling and surfing the oceans mostly of the Pacific and occasionally braving the pirates long past, horseshoe crabs, jellyfish and manatees of the Atlantic.

We walked everywhere (now called “hiking”) and rode everything, horses, waves, bikes without gears, under a sky so blue and clouds so white it made my heart full to bursting. All of it in thin canvass deck shoes, bare feet or flip-flops. The jeans of the day were the old cotton indigo infused ones that started out at least a size too big, stiff as a board and dark as night, our adversaries. They would inevitably end their existence like many things discovered over time, dear friends, pale as a ghost and hanging on to life by a thread.

In an era that began where whole milk was still delivered in glass bottles and left on the front doorstep I ate fruits and vegetables picked before sunrise from local fields, blemishes, uniquely irregular sizes and all and fish that had more likely than not swam in the sea or lake that morning. We drank water out of garden hoses and from the nearby streams and thrived. Everyone, young and old looked forward to spitting watermelon seeds in season because there were still big black seeds in watermelons, little teeny ones in bananas and enough land that we could.

Winter brought rain and green between the sunshine, the smell of damp whole earth and more than the occasional mudslide. One heard the quiet “swish” of a rake and broom to tidy up leaves into great prized piles worth jumping into in Autumn. In the Spring the “Sheep Man” came through with his flock and camped out on people’s property to remove the brush. A beautiful expression of symbiotic fire prevention. Holidays came one by one, to be savored in their own time.

Summer would find us making our way along the hot mile to the ice cream parlor to watch them craft their magic from things that came from cows and chickens that wandered around peacefully eating stuff that grew or wriggled out of the ground, all the while sharing stories about what we knew to be true, and making hope filled plans for the future.

With wide eyed anticipation my friends and I would watch the two big old fashioned machines back behind the counter go round and round, ever so slowly churning the creamy goodness, hoping one, if not both of the flavors destined to be scooped onto the freshly baked cones that day was our favorite.

If it took too long we would walk around the corner to the five and dime and stare wistfully at the things in the window, plotting how we would earn and save for a particular item for ourselves or as a gift for someone we loved. Even if our bellies were not always full our lives were and we knew how to wait.

Even to this day I am convinced that with joy on our side we all have a great chance to again give those carefree moments to the generations that will follow us. And, if we would just wake up and get on the ball we can gift them to ourselves as well. We have the technologies tucked away, so I figure why wait?

My interests span art and architecture, music, engineering and physics, the health, happiness and longevity of the soul and body no matter how many legs it has and the environment, both physical and emotional, that we all share. I harbor a deep love of and fascination for all creatures. Even rocks. Although some beings I find more snuggly than others who can be temporarily alarming, icky or itchy. But when I get used to the ideas behind their Way of Being I get to explore a new point of view.

My life’s meanderings have led me through so many twists and turns it reads like a thriller and continues to hand me humbling new bits to add to my bag of Wisdom. Many of the bits are pieces I have had to pick up after hitting some wall or other. Walls can be quite hard at times.

I am a great proponent of playing with what works rather than working at something we are pretending to like or are obligated to participate in. The concept of trading Time for a “currency” or the current “currency” for Time is a waste of time in my estimation. We all have our genuine gifts to share with everyone. Those things that fill up our being so much it spills over with plenty of extra to go around. Now that is value.

But some habits are tedious to let go of, so I do what I can to get along in the world we all have created to wander about in together. It is my great wish that I will live to see the moment when everyone gets a lifelong chance to taste how delicious it is to do what they love, and to watch how spacious and free and fabulous the world really can be when the flowing pieces of our combined puzzle are allowed to fit as they were naturally designed.

All in all, I am delighted to make your acquaintance and wish each and every one of you vast success in the balanced and healthy things you choose to reach for!

~ Michaele Alexander