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As an Author I am compelled to consider what I observe in the world that envelops, infuses and interrupts me. To my eye everything is an art form if viewed from a certain perspective. I love sharing wide-eyed joy and awe, comfort, surprises and quirky life changing ways of looking at things with others. Foremost I appreciate the humor, wit and wisdom that accompanies an adventurous life.

Each and every one of you are someone I have met, or someone I will one day meet, in concept if not in form. You all harbor the seed of goodness within you and I like discovering how those seeds bloom when watered with inspiration, perspiration, kindness and the serendipity of opportunity. These are things well worth contemplating with pen in hand.

We have the chance to be the Very Best Us in each moment without measurement if we will only accept it. I offer you ideas, and with ideas come the possibilities only thought can provoke. Thought can build upon itself in the most delightful and fulfilling directions if one acknowledges an ability and personal responsibility to steer it. I have always felt that if one does not know, one cannot choose. I offer you the idea of choice. It is up to you to embrace what you Will.

Hugs, ~ M

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What is an Artist Anyway?

Someone with a keen sense of balance. Or perhaps imbalance when things are so off kilter it takes someone standing up straight and tall in an unusual way to let everyone see the difference. A true Artist is a creator and does not destroy for the sake of destroying, ever. They are those who must create regardless of circumstances and excuses or “success”. They create because to create is to breathe.

Artists create masterpieces wherever they go. Masterfully folded laundry. Masterfully timed hugs and kind words. Masterful aromas that don’t stop at the border of a kitchen but fill everyone who passes by feeding their souls. Masterful memories that as shared sow seeds of knowledge well into the generations to come. Artists are teachers of the Great life, of a life well spent. True Artists are the creators of improvements in inspiration.

A potter may craft a simple pot with attention to details only he or she can see that comes to hold a plant that through the joy of the gardener bears fruit that is harvested and given to the loving creator of wonderful meals that brings together grateful family and friends with the offer of strength and companionship they each need to bring to their community the precious gifts they carry in their hearts.

It is not always what we do but how we choose to do it that makes us an Artist. An Artist pulls away from the temptation to be a Victim or a Savoir, for those are both Ways of Being that are out of balance. A Victim can fall prey to a story that tells of their lack of choice and a Savior can be sorely tempted to lord over others under the convenient banner of “for their own good”. An Artist simply reaches from within the inner eye of Creation and brings to life what is there to perceive.

True Artists are dancers and singers of Life, making music and grace wherever they travel. Their scale is limitless for limits are not what they create for themselves or others. They forge an open path with their ways. A path that is their own, but allows for others to join them at some pace for a space in time.

So as you move throughout your life I implore you, give song to your own True Art. Step into the rhythm of your creativity. For should you choose this way of living you will soon come to see, there will be ample instruments for us all… To play.

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It’s travel time and Adventure abounds! The only luggage I stow are my ideas of who I have been up to the moment of departure and the only compass I need is a good, nay, great attitude. A glorious feeling off freedom percolates within me when I take my senses, imagination and possibilities out for a stroll in the world.

I invite you to step upon the path of Adventure as well. Perhaps my musings will inspire you to reach for the quirky, unplanned and powerful experiences that await you when you travel outside your norm. All it takes is a shifting of the winds in your mind, a wise spending of your precious time and the ability to gather and digest the change that is left when you are done.

Adventure need never be synonymous with danger, only with a heightening of newness and cooperation with perceptions one has not tried on before. I am sure that the exquisite aliveness you will feel will more than make up for any inconveniences like forgetting your toothbrush or whether or not the last load of laundry was folded.

I encourage you to stray into the unknown. To learn something new each day and to teach something worthy to another when ever the opportunity arises. For from within such a life Adventure abounds, and where there is Adventure there is an abundance of healthy growth and where things grow there is always a life worth living.

May Kindness forever travel in your steps… And fly with you in your dreams!

~ Michaele Alexander

Adventure Abounds

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