The Open Range

Introduction…  Why the Open Range

Loving as I do multiple entendre, “The Open Range” was a topic I couldn’t help myself writing about. Cooking up adventure out in the open combined with the vast possibilities of the road that lay ahead and the situations that await when one arrives somewhere or nowhere in particular tickled my fancy.

The human animal is placed in a very different pace among the peculiar band of people that choose Recreational Vehicles as their conceptual life styles, if even just for a few days of holiday bliss. To me this includes any soul brave enough to steer themselves outside of the complacency of modern life to take to the road in something with wheels brandishing the intention to “see the sights” and “get away from it all”. If someone is setting out with the aim of recreating or re-creating one’s life and is in (or on) a vehicle, well, that counts in my book.

Mind you some folks choose to haul their hectic forget-whatever-they-can-the-moment-they-can lifestyles with them, tearing at break neck pace down the road to get somewhere that they weren’t the day before even if they have been there a thousand times. Enormous flat screen TVs mounted not only inside but outside their rigs, cable satellite connections and dishes, cell phones, electronic games, anesthetizing food, beverages, thoughts and all travel with them.

Although they may enjoy themselves I do not necessarily count them into the adventurous people that actually interact with others they encounter with smiles, life stories, helpful hands and hints that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. The ones who take into account a shared and thoughtful atmosphere of bon home, of camaraderie woven into appreciation for the subtleties of life that surrounds them.

The latter are my “peeps”. Unfettered by the regimented straight jacket of time compliance, the elders have something to give, the youngsters live fully and the people in the middle have ample opportunity to learn something, anything, everything new.

Scents wafting about on the breeze sparking warm memories of the past. Sights and sounds, clear and clean to the mind kindling ideas for the future. The touch of the unusual. Yes, there is nothing quite like being out and about beyond the ordinary.

For we are not ordinary ourselves, regardless of how we may choose to convince one and other, we are extraordinary each in our own ways. We do have so very much to share if we will only be present with sharing. For the present is the present when one travels kindly out into… The Open Range.

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