Friends in Strange Places

Michaele AlexanderThoughts on Things

This morning I am sitting in the chill that only late May can bring. I am surrounded by the sweet sounds of birds conversing with one another. I am not camping. I am at home with every window cast open at 4:45am due to the fact that almost every hour since I went to bed, late I may add, one thing or another has been intruding upon my sleep. It started with some small entity that has been popping up in the last couple of weeks just before I am to rise for work standing not in the usual place at the foot of the bed, but moving about in a sort of erratic, yet graceful way.

After the third time of this I got up and used the loo admonishing him for bugging me when he knew that my rules were “not before four in the morning!”. Feeling that I needed to justify my argument to this being for it’s crossing the line enthusiasm (or see if I was wrong) I padded to peek around the corner at the kitchen clock. It was a tad after 2am. I gave a tiny huff and went back to bed.

The next intrusion came from the room getting very cold. Yes my husband had done his rare stealing of the comforter in his sleep maneuver, but the air temp was comfortable enough as I sat up with the jet of cold passing quickly. I pulled the covers back onto my side, hubby rustled a bit, and went to sleep yet again.

In very short order the room became filled with light. “Morning already?” I had just gotten comfortable again, but duty calls. So feeling it too early but thinking it was indeed time to get up after all, I did. Only to discover the kitchen had burst into a glow to rival the rising sun. Our large computer monitor was aglow, not with its usual tree frog peeking out among soft greens, but stark white. A tiny bar near the bottom had some word which I interpreted in my haste to make the bright intrusion go away, as “initializing”. This was strange as we don’t use wifi and it wasn’t even plugged into the internet at the time.

Grousing in my head that my husband must have been surfing for gardening information again on my work computer I shut it down lest it be harboring some weirdness and stomped (ever so quietly) off to bed through the darkness yet again. I gave a restless attempt to get comfortable and reminded the beings of the 4am rule. Next thing I know I have a visit from my Grandfather on my Mother’s side whom I have rarely seen (he passed away years before I was born), let alone interact with in such a clear and present way.

My raucous night cum early morn culminated with the being that wakes me to work in the morning appearing exactly at 4am feeling very insistent. And it is not an “insistent” being. I got dressed and went to the kitchen to begin my morning routine of filling then warming the kettle. When I put it on the burner and went to turn it on I found that it already was, just without the flame. The gas had been leaking into the house all night. I am so appreciative that my husband had left some of the windows open last night. And even more so that I have friends in strange places.