Change for the Sake of Change

Michaele AlexanderThoughts on Things

Recently one of our favorite websites decided to make sweeping changes in how they were to present their information.  They warned us, wooed us and then pushed us all into the same template as most other “successful” sites.  This reach towards efficiency reduced its appeal by presenting a wall of choice not unlike most other sites that I tolerate only when absolutely necessary.

What really irks is their having chosen to evoke a change for the sake of change has now required the spending of my time.  I am not pleased with this effect.  Especially since the newness has resulted in sameness.  They are now the same as everyone else.  In addition I do not appreciate the customizing of data to save me from the horrors and inconvenience of discovery on my own.  It is like a clerk dragging me into a store when I don’t feel like shopping, even if I might need new shoes.  What if I only want new socks?

Though I spend a good deal of my existence in worlds far beyond the speed of light I rather like the idea of slow thought, slow food and slow transportation.  Hiking, cycling, riding horses and cross country skiing gives me time to enjoy the heights and breadth of things without life whipping past me into the past.  Therefore I enjoy chewing over a concept and digesting it before I shove something else down my soul.  The operative word is enjoy.  Efficiency can often sorely lack in joy and lack of joy is quite divergent from an ergonomic situation.

Change is nice.  I rather like change jingling in my pocket.  But change just for the sake of change with nothing of value in return…  I would rather have my time back thank you.