What Is Happiness to Me?

Michaele AlexanderThoughts on Things

Freedom. Freedom to do what I want while taking into consideration how what I want will affect others. To fulfill my dreams and pass through my nightmares having collected valuable wisdom. The ability to change for the better the lives of others by the series of choices well made in my own life. The willingness to forgive myself and others for those decisions and actions not well made, releasing us all from the bonds that bend time to breaking.

It means my senses full of the goodness in the world around me. Full not to the point of bursting, but full with round and juicy sights and sounds, sensations, scents, ideas and wondrous feelings open to possibility. Full of the emotions that inspire joyous awe, wonderful wonder, deep love and appreciation, the desire to create and the creations themselves. An understanding of absolute safety from the evils and ills of others, including myself, knowing as I do that I am not only myself, but that the way I view others are reflections of myself and my actions.

Happiness in motion is Kindness in all it’s forms, thought, word and deed. Happiness is dancing in what I do, dancing through time, playing and playing the music I dance to and being comfortable with sharing my dance and music with others. It is a state of being where Happiness and Kindness are one.