The Open Range Beckons

Michaele AlexanderThe Open Range

There are times when the constraints of immobile walls just will not do and it is at these times that the Open Range beckons. Unless one has a lead foot and an agenda the scenery passes at a rate humans can take in and feel refreshed by rather than the frantic computer screen / telly refresh rate that leads eventually to exhaustion. There is something to be said for cruising slowly around curves and chugging up hills that makes for conversations and observations that would otherwise not occur. And the destinations are all the more sweet, as once you arrive you have really gotten somewhere.

We are cruising up to our eighth year of ardent RV-ing and in keeping with my philosophy that it takes seven years to be knowledgeable enough in any field to know enough about it to then be aware of what you don’t know and need to learn… Well, we are approaching that threshold. I can now rightfully say we have just about amassed enough knowledge to truly begin. We certainly have enjoyed getting here.

The high winds that have literally sucked our awnings sideways to their full extent as we crept along at 8 mph through the desertified nowhere. The expensive lesson in the necessity for checking the water levels in deep cell batteries lest they run dry in 108 degree weather and quit when one is far afield from any store selling more than bait and tackle. Heartily embracing an overall understanding that our actual coach length belies what spaces we can squeeze into if only we might try… And try again.

Yes, the Open Range calls to a special breed of human (and animals) who feel the call of Adventure and answer with their own individual voices. Tiny grey haired people, arms flung wide, hands stuck to enormous steering wheels behind grand picture windows in coaches attached to driverless cars by umbilical cords who let go long enough to wave and smile as we pass by. Young families crammed into vans and campers with everything imaginable strapped on the top and the back, untethered bicycle wheels spinning furiously as the breeze takes them for a ride. Outdoorsmen and women hauling toys and stories with equal determination, coolers filled to the brim. Intrepid foreigners from far off lands negotiating the “other side of the road” in highly identified rentals that scream from the mountain tops “TOURIST ON HOLIDAY!”.

As you see inside of yourself the ingredients of an Adventurer we invite you to join us. For there is always room for more ideas grown out of time well spent. More perspectives born of fate and failure followed persistently by success. More joy and refreshing surprise to be added to the knowledge of everyone’s world. For what we all have in common is a courageous spirit coursing through our souls and the willingness to cook up Adventure on… The Open Range.