Thoughts on Things

Welcome to my exploration of the world of Thought. Pondering is one of my favorite activities aside from seizing upon sudden inspiration and running with it. The out of doors and the inside of my head are some of my most cherished places to be. This proclivity takes me down many roads and holes. I thrive upon adjusting my point of view as I sail the seas of inspiration, cross bridges spanning ideas and climb mountains of thought, even though the occasional tunnel without end causes me to face the entreaties of retreat. I like to wander through the maze of amazement and wonder about wondering.

There are times too when words are neither needed nor wanted. Times of free range silence. Opportunities where perception stretches the boundaries of what can be included in the confines of speech. This is where the seeds of thought are formed, gathered and cultivated within my Way of Being. Where I sift gently through friends and foes among the flotsam and jetsam of wild consideration for the materials and tools that assist in the now, adjust the past and are needed to rebuild the future.

I truly believe we are all here for a multitude of reasons which given the chance will elude us in the fog of mismatched concepts we have allowed ourselves to be surrounded with. An internal compass is a necessity, required to direct us toward an oasis from which we have been parted through tricks of fate, decision and forced agreements. In losing our way we tend to forget who we are, how we can choose to be with ourselves and others and why we exist in the manner that is distinctively ours.

It is my Quest to search for and return with Wisdom to illuminate the paths along our ways. To gather glimmers of Hope and sprinkle them about, knowing full well they may lead to the unusual. For it is the usual that often stifles our imaginations, turning us away from possibility. I seek to spark amazing courage amongst the dormant fires of healthy decision. To awaken Truth from its slumber and depth of Joy from its hiding places in our lives.

To realize we are not alone and never will be shows us where we have accumulated gaps in our acceptance of ourselves and others. By contrast and categorization of our perceptions we create a fertile ground for Kindness and plentitude or lack and sorrow. It is plain that in the wake of our choices resides the collection of who we are in any given moment. What may not be so obvious is the manner in which we are all bound to one another by this ever present construction of our Ways of Being and the landscapes we dream them into.

I am at heart an eternal explorer, adventuring into the labyrinth of perspectives knowing full well it is situated in an illusory garden. Light and sound and senses and Time play here too. So it is with words of welcome that I invite you to ponder along with me. There is space enough for us all to journey together. It is my desire that we need not be wee, we can be Us, our individual selves grouped together in good will and uniqueness, traveling forward within this adventure that is Life and the forever that is beyond.