A Grand Discovery

Once upon a time, actually at the onset of 2016, I had decided at the last moment to take part in a group exploration of goals and waddling towards them. I say waddling because so many of us are carrying along quite a lot of weighty ideas, ideals and Ways of Being, myself included. I like to use the analogy of toting around a bag of rocks. As we recognize their individual uses or uselessness we can take those rocks from our rucksacks and let them go on the side of the road, thus lightening our loads.

The greater the baggage, the harder it is for us to move swiftly or gracefully in life. We become prone to tripping upon our past decisions, well entrenched in movements and thought which is no longer of value, if indeed it ever was. Quite a lot of what has been stuffed down our packs came to be there through the continual insistence of others, compounded by a decay that only age and the neglect brought on by looking the other way can bring.

Some of the rocks represent potent materials for dreams never reached for. I am not certain, but these may perhaps be the heaviest of all. They come from Hope, but are worn down over the expanse of time into pebbles, then grains of sand and eventually dust which can be blown away in even the slightest of breezes. They weigh upon our souls in an immeasurable manner.

We are our dreams in action. It is all too true that many among us have accepted our nightmares in their stead. But also true is the fact that the most feared of crushing boulders can turn out to be exceptionally valuable building blocks, if only we would chance a glance into the lost and unloved depths of our own true Ways of Being. There we may find the rights to great treasure, buried in time, ready to be released in a moment of recognition.

In this vein I offer you these essays which are reflective of what I traveled through in a 90 day period, unedited, as I progressed step by step, rock by rock on a Grand Discovery. May you embark upon discoveries of your own as you read them…

Thank you to M. N. and the CTI crew for the nudges along the way and the wonderful people around the world who participated with me.
~ Michaele Alexander