Post 71 – In Response to Christina

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Hi Christina! I listened to day 80’s audio and his phrase “making it up” really spoke to me of measuring past performance vs present intention. To me time bends as does physical space to our intent, focus and actions. Carrying around the past can be cumbersome or a delight. I like the lighter rucksack. As to multiple pieces catching our attention, I am also finding that in the last few days ideas that will be placed later in the book (or even in the next one) are jumping out wanting to spring into life now. Kind of like tending to a garden, I never really know which seed will pop up to see the light first until it unfurls from out of the ground I have prepared and at that point I get the joy of participating in its growth! May your painting continue to bring you and others great enjoyment…Hugs, ~ ‪Michaele‬‬‬‬‬