Post 25 – Playing to Win, Lose or Draw

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Hello all.

Yesterday I rode with my daughter past an abandoned copper mine set along a route where we frequently take our horses when the day is fine and marveled at how blue the sky was. Although I grew up along the coast of California with it’s own beloved quirks such as exotic animals (lions and tigers and giraffes, etc.) being walked down the main street for exercise, I live now in a place not altogether too far from where they have things like International Camel Races, the “Rocky Mountain Oyster” (If you don’t know what these are, I certainly do not want to be the one to enlighten you) Fry cook off, and this year will mark the 27th Annual World Championship Outhouse Races, the idea originating from as Virginia City puts it, “the moment in history when the townspeople once took their outhouses to the streets and marched to city hall to protest new ordinances that outlawed outdoor toilets.”.
In retrospect, in the past I have played to win most certainly. But now I play to play. Family and friends are always invited and life is sooooo much more interesting.

Hugs, ~ M