Post 6 – Creating the Daunting

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

From the beginning of this adventure I have had a slight disconnect with “Creating the Impossible”. Impassible perhaps (having done that before). Really what I am facing is The Daunting. Fraught with What If’s. But really, what are What If’s? They are akin to refusing to go to the fancy affair in the off chance that one might have toilet paper stuck down one’s garment trailing behind like a banner on the way out of the loo. So I declare “Game On!” for my Daunting list.

My over arching theme is as my Grandmother used to say, “Everything in it’s Place and a Place for Everything”. My Daunting Goal is to situate myself and my family within an ergonomic paradise from which to create our lives.

Preliminary list
– At Home with Happy (That is the name of our house. We name everything.)
Breakdown of everything that needs to be attended to room by room, garden, auto, truck and RV
– Travel Checklists
Daytrips, state to state with car, RV local and long term.
– Equipment Checks.
Purchase or replace outdated or unused equipment, rehome the same, schedule any needed maintenance, know how to work all technology proficiently.
Make or acquire deep snow sled for Cinnamon, 7D temperature rating
– A Friendly Financial Infrastructure in place
(Aka better accounting methods) for personal and business, taxes done prior to end of Feb. trip. (No more stuffing receipts into my purse.)
– Comprehensive Calendar
Events, including preparatory arrangements
– Websites linked, open and products available for purchase and shipping
– Choose which book is next up, review notes, consider finishing by end of March, address writing schedule
– The Letters Game, find thoughtful manufacturer who can provide tiles, do legal stuff, write copy for rules, produce for sale

I will produce preliminary, but comprehensive action lists by Wednesday of this week upcoming and begin work on the same upon completion of or in concurrence with said lists. I will have a great attitude and as much fun as I can corral while doing so. Oh arrgh. One of the dogs just threw up…

Hugs to you all, ~ M