Post 27 – Doing Swimmingly

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Michael Neill, a most useful and delightful recording today, it gave me cause to laugh at myself. I realize now how much I have compartmentalized my motivations and fear. I have two sets of rules for two different circumstances.

You have highlighted the primary modus operandi that sparks my direction in the creative worlds, unreasonable premise and swimming past irrelevant fear. All before logic sets in. Motivation to me is a constantly flowing river moving at the speed of life that I need only dip a toe into in order to be swept away. My only decision is whether or not to change into a bathing suit before I dive in.

On the other hand, it is my looming fear of responsibility to certain others that seeks out reasons to do what I would really rather not. I had a keen bout of it yesterday assisting an out of state relation. In these instances either my list can be excessively long or my fear quite encompassing. Or both. So much so, that upon those occasions I could run the risk of seizing up like a computer considering too many “if – then” statements. Fortunately I (barely) maintained my equanimity yesterday with a little (okay, a lot of) support from my husband.

Chocolate helps too. But not as much as today’s audio. I am going to watch how this concept plays out today with great interest. As for now, time to jump back in and splash around some more…

Hugs and appreciation, ~ Michaele