Post 18 – Life As An Extemporaneous Activity

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

I am the first one to admit that I live life as an extemporaneous activity. No thought or relationship to things is absolutely set in stone. Start here, go there. Going there? Make a “U” turn… almost, and head this way. But it’s all okay. I will frequently choose a decision completely devoid of logical origins to the outside observer. This has the effect of challenging my husband’s constitution at times, who is over all, a very logical person. But he has become accustomed to everything turning out favorably even if he occasionally can’t fathom the reason for the destination when we set out. One has to marvel at the wonderful places these seeming flights of fancy take us. They are the product of many years of honing the recognition of a subtle and sublime whisper (or if ignored, a crescendo). What I try to prepare in advance is to arrive and greet each new moment with the best most present me, intact, without preconceived notions. And regardless of circumstance, every time what “shows up” is me.