Post 66 – Entering Into the Spirit of Adventure

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

I was going to say day 88 until you threw in the “back through all 87 days” thing. In light of this, I think day 7 because by then I knew for sure that I would continue, regardless.

There is a feeling when embarking on an adventure. It’s like a fresh new morning before sunrise. Knowing where I’m heading, but not always were I’m going to wind up. Tip toeing around in the dark to put on the kettle before everyone is awake. Checking the supplies not yet loaded because they were still needed. The critters know. They will have been eyeing us for days, wandering around from room to room as we prepare. “Don’t you dare leave us behind!” they say with every move.

There is a quiet electricity in the air, the kind you find at a waterfall’s edge, where possibility mingles. The house and garden are tucked up and bid “Farewell!” knowing that they are in good hands. With a last look at the stars overhead we step on board, everyone takes their place, and we venture out onto the road that stretches out to infinity.

It is always possible that I may have left my handkerchief behind, but I will not let this keep me. For like Bilbo I will make do. What must be with me is that keen sense of discovery. An expectation of the miraculous. A new bird. A deer and fawn. A mountain to be climbed. It is the yearning that every earnest traveling soul feels. The spirit that seizes one when going to visit uncharted lands. Even if it be the next room to start a new endeavor.

For me any adventure begun in the small hours is worth considering. It is in the light of day that we get to see it’s cracks and crevasses, wonder and strength. Come nightfall, if it was a day well spent, then my pillow wherever it might rest is a welcome sight. Because dreams can come true wherever we are if only we dare give them our attention.

Thanks for being my traveling buddies, ~ Michaele