Post 54 – A Distillation of My Goals

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

I decided this morning to measure my time left for this CTI goal with the tools I commonly use in life. A classic “Toltec” technique is “Using Death as an Advisor”. One measures one’s reaction to the inclinations that appear when pondering “What might I choose to do if I had only an hour to live?”, “What might I choose if I had only a day?”, “A month?”, “A year?” and so on. I watch my feelings towards what is matching and important to my person. The following is the result:

1) A trusted place to put my creativity that brings in wealth to our family, both immediate and global.

2) An ergonomically pleasing environment in which I and my family can create as we travel and grow.

Hugs to you all, and thanks again for your support both silent and spoken, ~ Michaele