Post 36 – The Rut and the Road Ahead

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

This is one of the most difficult assignments yet. For some reason on this particular morning I feel like I am riding a motorcycle on a narrow dirt road next to a ravine and Michael might have well shouted “Don’t look at the ravine!” I can barely tear myself away from the temptation to stare at the ruts in the road. I have been seized by a fit of rampant imaginary scenarios. A little finger in my head is busily pointing out “rut, rut, rut” while I am compelled to shout “ROAD” at it in a knee jerk fashion. Phooey. I have to go and wrestle back the handle bars now…

“Ahhh! Rut!”
“Told you so.”
“Road, road, road, ROAD!”
“No! Road! Lots of road!”
“No rut?”
“Lots of road. This is getting tiring can we stop now?”
“No rut?”
“Road, really, road.”
“No rut.”

Thank you all for your inspiring posts. After reading them I feel like I’m tooling along with the wind in my hair and sun on my face again!

Hugs, ~ M