Post 49 – Getting the Job Done

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Today is a day for getting the job done. Not for chewing the fat or licking my wounds, but for rolling my sleeves up and jumping into the fray one step at a time. Then, when the day finally draws to a close, giving myself a pat on the back. OK, that about covers it for the well used phrases, so here is my list of To Dos:

1) March into the Unrestricted Library and find the notes for the next book. Do happy dance while singing “I get to do it again, I get to do it again!” (In case you have not noticed, I like to write).

2) Face up to the fact (as one of my good friends is fond of saying “get your big girl britches on”) that I am going to have to address the newly opened cases of books that have some wrinkled pages and binding flaws with the printer after, gulp, way more than a year. (We had put a complete hold on the business to help family in need out of state and never checked all the boxes of books in our haste.) I plan to have extra chocolate and pet the cat in preparation. What is at stake is thousands of dollars worth of product, a reprint time of perhaps four to eight weeks and the temptation to desire highly to throttle some poor sap should they “not choose to do the honorable thing”. Here’s hoping I have enough energy to maintain equanimity and grace and not whine about the fact that all I want to do is write and not be bothered with the business end of things.

3) Find photos for and post another article by Wednesday. EVEN IF I have to wimp out and ask Jon to do it for me. Then LEARN HOW TO DO IT MYSELF by the end of the week because I know I can do it!

4) Venture into my closet and sort clothing into keep, donate and re-purpose.

Hope you all also have your favorite shoes on, sprint, hike or flip flops! Must run, ~ Michaele