Post 74 – Mother’s Day Present

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Hello everyone!

I wanted to check in to keep you all up to date. After returning from our last trip to California we soon determined that our daughter’s beloved pony was in need of retirement (with us, he has now moved to mascot status). So we have been for the last few weeks chasing around to find a new four legged equine family member.

This has needless to say interrupted both my sleep patterns and work schedule to a considerable degree, although I have been putting time in on the book and other matters with good strides. My cat is highly disapproving of the new lack of quiet time in the morning with me and had resorted to relocating with a huff to my daughter’s bed after early breakfast to soothe his disappointment.

Finally, as a Mother’s Day present to me from the Universe and after a seven hour round trip drive, we have taken home a lovely little mare on a two week trial. So far we are quite pleased and I am looking forward to returning to a more reliable bedtime, a happier cat and good riding with my daughter, friends and maybe even my husband (he loves the horses and they adore him, but has only ridden a few times).

Hugs to you all, ~ Michaele