Post 33 – Life in Exponential Terms

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Here I am at the end of my figurative second week. Michael Neill, I have a challenge for you. If you care to assist me in an earnings of 5 million usd by the end of the 90 days we have together I will donate half of the proceeds to the kid friendly charitable organization of your choice. The ball is in your court. You can bounce it back and forth with me if want. I am already playing with it anyway… ~ Michaele

Oh, er, bit of a quandary. Technically since I wrote this on day 44, set it aside and am posting it on day 47 (with my cutlass in hand), I now have to let you know that it is 10 million dollars, wait no, TEN MILLION DOLLARS! (Is that better?) At the end of FORTY FIVE DAYS, oooooh, which has already past. Yikes. That throws a wrench in things. And TWO, no, MAKE IT TWENTY CHARITIES, and hmmm. Oh what the heck, do as you please. I’m having a ball either way… ~ M

(17 cents, 17,000usd, 17,000,000,000usd hut, hut, hike.
By the by, early last year a penny (a Birch Cent actually) went for $2,585,000usd. It’s all in how one views value isn’t it.)