Post 56 – For Better or Worse

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Long ago and far away I was betrothed to a story that left me stranded on a castle top, making do, waiting for someone to see my distress signal and save me. The tale told me over and over again “You’re Okay at doing business stuff for others, but when it comes to yourself, it’s really difficult, almost impossible to do.” Needless to say it was a marriage made on Hades front doorstep. I tried for years to make it work, but now I must insist on divorcing myself from this thought. It was an arranged marriage anyway and we were never meant for each other.

My heart lies elsewhere. My true love is Creating. I love to wake to it in the morning and spend my days and nights with it. I want to spend my life with Creation. It does not have to mean Business Stuff is difficult to live with or bad, it’s just someone else’s mate. Now, if only my great love and I could move into a neighborhood where my ex would live with its new companion. Creation and I could make things and they could handle the business end and everyone would live happily ever after…

I have lots of hugs, anyone want to share one? ~ Michaele