Post 31 – It May Be Winter, But Spring Is On Its Way

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

It is a busy time for my family and in reviewing my CTI goal my husband embodies an excellent analogy. He is out in the backyard checking on the greenhouse and building additional planting boxes, doing research on what to plant, riffling through seed packets, fretting over when to start the seedlings and arranging who will watch over them when we go to Southern California at the beginning of March to visit with friends and relatives. He’s reading his new mycelium book by Paul Stamets (it’s about “fun guys” – fungi) and eyeing one of our poplars that may have to come down.

Busy is good. Busy is what fills life and makes it an experience worth having. It’s the colors we paint with instead of only black and white. So what am I going to grow next? What do I need to tend to? Which areas are in need of preparation? Who do I want to reach out to for wisdom or assistance? I have much to ponder over in my sleep tonight.

Sweet dreams everyone… ~ M