Post 50 – Regarding minute 141

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Regarding minute 1:41 and beyond on today’s audio:
(I wrote this before the call yesterday, but ran out of time to post it…)

Okay Michael, you couldn’t have shared this with us around, oh, say day thirty? Or ten? This is not flighty? I have needlessly labeled myself “flighty” for decades for no reason when I had, unbeknownst to me, been employing a complimentary strategy? Why this makes all the difference in the world! My internal compass told me turning green and clutching onto the mast as my boat plunged up and down through tall waves and chop knowing there was an island out there somewhere was not for the best. Yet I had been conditioned to hold on for dear life. Instead there is a path to be charted along the course to success by flinging myself into the dinghy and paddling towards another passing ship before the wave crests?! Oooh, I’m much better now.

As to settling on one choice, at this point I’m currently feeling so far reaching in my goals I might as well add joining a flat earth society to look for serpents along the edges of the map just to round things off for good measure. (After recently visiting my cousin who is an Archaeologist that sounds kind of fun actually.) In addition I’m getting really tired of sprinting to the finish with my shoelaces tied loosely together and I really just want to ride the wave, but I’m fairly sure it’s in between sets (surf lingo meaning no waves at present). So I think I’ll expand my time frame to a life span with the larger outcome being Happy and sharing it. That’s all I ever want anyway.

Hugs, ~ M