Post 16 – Of Miracles and Mole Hills Out of Mountains

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Am I “open to a miracle today”?

This morning has the quiet that only softly falling snow can bring. Am I open to a miracle today, hmmm… “Of course” I say instantly but then it dawns on me how much I have limited them to only the realm of the misty and mysterious worlds of “Invisible Giants” so often ignored by others. I am comfortable there. The rules are succinct. But to expect miracles to stem from among the seven billion? The dragon’s lair indeed.

At the mere thought I had to take a stiff gulp of tea and pet the cat for a while. What a new and, frankly, terrifying idea. A miracle? Can I bring myself to enter this cave full of dark and scary things? Yet I recall how many terrifying thought and pattern (habit) dragons I have befriended in the last three weeks. Can I allow myself to expect a miracle without limiting from whence it comes?

I see now that I have been clutching a tiny plastic spade and staring at a mountain in a sandbox. If I want a mole hill I can jolly well get digging. But how about calling out to the unmet kids in the park to come and build a castle? I understand there is a great possibility that some won’t leave the swings. And there is a history of trepidation that halfway through lovingly constructing the castle a bully might think it amusing to stomp it flat. But maybe, just maybe I might meet some new kids who will help with turrets and moats and roads to places I had not thought of yet. Maybe some of them will know about a sandbox in a park I have never heard of with no bullies and show us where it is. Maybe the castle won’t really matter so much anymore because what we build is deep friendship and that is really what Life is for anyway.
And then, I can introduce them all to the Fairies, Invisible Giants and even… Myself.
By the end of today I will ask for three things and acknowledge any miracles that come my way.

Until then, your friend in the sandbox, ~ Michaele