Post 8 – The Assignment

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

As a response to today’s challenge I created something I don’t normally do. I created a quandary, laced lightly with panic, braised over a small bit of time. I set it aside to rest and attended to creative “work” items. But inside my head it sounded somewhat like this:

“I’m creating something.”
“It’s cheating.”
“He never said it couldn’t be on The List.”
“Was that not implied?”
“Not specifically. I could finish the mural in A’s bathroom.”
“That would take all day and you wanted to work on items on The List.”
“How about a turtle? I could probably knock out a sea turtle in an hour or two.”
“Since when do you ‘knock out’ anything and feel it’s other than adequate?”
“Okay. The manatees. They aren’t as intricate. Color-wise, I mean.”
“Pah. I know you, you’ll move on to the dolphins too.”
“You’re right. And I don’t know how to upload a photo on the face thing yet.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Everything. Nothing. I DON’T KNOW!”
“Are you sure doing something on The List is cheating?”
“Probably not.”
“Oooh look, it’s going to be nice outside.”
“The horses will be too hot in their blankets.”
“You better go and take care of them.”
“And the arena might have drained enough to ride in it.”
“It’s due to rain tomorrow.”
“And be really windy.”
“Best head out now.”
“We’re almost out of carrots…”

So here it is several hours later and I have created two very happy groomed and exercised horses and a lovely time outside (very good for the inside of me), returned home to relieve my husband of kid duty, sent him off to enjoy riding his bike (he is going to get more carrots as he likes the horses too), sent the kids and dogs into the back yard to bounce on the trampoline (the kids that is, the dogs don’t favor it), left the cat undisturbed (as cats should be), made some tea and contemplated if this task is thematically an emergency.

“If I don’t do it am I pig-headed, don’t play well with others?”
“Uh oh, the sun is heading down.”
“The shadows are lengthening.”
“Best go blanket the horses.”
“It’s getting cold.”
“Oh look hubby’s home with the carrots…”

Until tomorrow, hugs, ~ M