Post 61 – It is in the trying that the doing is done…

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Hello everyone!

It seems I kind of fell down the Un-well last Thursday eve, barely made the call with Sara on Friday (though certainly not upright), listened through the cottonous fog that was masquerading as my brain to the recording on Saturday, have no idea what transpired Sunday but it seemed pleasant enough since I no longer was writhing in pain and, feeling less peaked, made an attempt to listen to the recording but having found none considered it divine providence.

Here it is Monday and I am out of chocolate so if the world has come to an end it will have to wait until I make some as my husband can’t function elegantly without it (major staple in our household). Even if I don’t feel exactly bushy tailed my eyes are mostly bright again.

Off to see what Day 85 has to offer…
Hugs, ~ Michaele