Post 22 – PBJ and Two Q’s

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Q one:
It takes a villager to go out into the jungle (yes, that is where real peanuts come from) in the correct season, find them, eat some, run back to the village and bring along others to gather them. An intrepid “source-er” to travel to distant lands having parked her car with the parking attendant at the airport who hands her back a ticket while chomping on a PBJ sandwich his wife packed him that morning made from things she bought from the grocery store arranged by the manager, purchased from the clerk shipped in by a truck driver and put in his “made in China” lunch box with the characters on the front drawn by an artist before flying out to make connections with the villagers and arranging with them to buy or trade for their peanuts as people harvest the fiber and someone else weaves the bulk bags that yet another person puts them in for shipping. An importer arranges with an exporter for moving the peanuts, pilots are involved whether by boat or plane and mechanics are employed to keep the machinery moving in good order. Others still have surveyed the land to find the ore to ship to the refinery to create the parts designed by the engineers for the shipping vessels and containers who were taught by teachers how to do the math they might need in the future while sipping coffee from the jungle found to be ripe by a villager who went out one day to check on the plants…

I could go on for days like this but my tea is getting cold and I suddenly have an urge to munch on some jungle peanuts. So my answer is seven billion, give or take a person or two.

Q two:
To illustrate how intricately entwined we all are in achieving a goal of any magnitude.

Phfew. That was a mouthful.

Hugs, ~ M