Post 19 – Day 24 (Plus a Bunch of Years)

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Michael, that’s the best rendition of that saying I have heard in a long time! It made me all smiley and warm inside. Or was that the tea… Well in both cases, great way to set off into today. I think I am going to surprise my husband by making my raw chocolate before he wakes up. Lamentably we had run out a couple of days ago. I might be able to squeeze it in before the call!

We are off to Tahoe directly after so I will be letting Life come at me as it may. Mostly due to my novice status as a cross country skier. I can not but help myself setting a goal though, as we had encountered an Equine Veterinarian and a Climate (Water and Air) Researcher from the East Coast when we were out last week who let us know about a stand of poplars about an hour’s ski into the forest with several distinct bear markings! Actually this does not count as a goal. It can be a Quest! Treasure abounds and my camera, family and I will be off to find it!

Until the call… Hugs, ~ M