Post 29 – Momentum

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Momentum has always been there for me. My “problem” if you will, is that I have not always been there for it. I have excelled alone or in concert with others at getting the car going with a concerted effort. But once it is moving I have sometimes neglected to hop in because I see another stranded vehicle off to the side in need of assistance. Or I have jumped in and taken the wheel before I remember that I’ve forgotten to bring along the map and must apply the brakes at the first fork in the road.

I am at this time determined to be prepared (as I can be) for a successful venture. A well packed picnic, a vehicle full of fuel, family and friends old and new. So what if it is an A class RV and takes a lot of pushing to start. The road ahead is vast, adventure awaits and I am excited to see what happens because I’m along for the ride of my life… All aboard! ~ M