Post 40a – The Current State of Action and Accomplishment, Day 59

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Before I comment on anything today I must acknowledge that there are fewer things more constant and reliable than the endless insatiable need for a beloved cat to be on the other side of a closed door. Over five hours now, in, out, in, out, in, out, in… Aaaaargggh! So please forgive me for being more verbose than requested.

Functional and linked to photographic gallery.
Require intestinal fortitude and some practice at posting my articles (many backlogged already) and accompanying photos myself without making fabulous patient webby guy do it for me. Removal of excuse that I have been busy packing and preparing for this trip for over two weeks and am almost overwhelmed helping family member here will be necessary prior to proceeding.

90% plus of items assessed and sorted in –
Room of Requirement (support for all Arts, crafts, schooling stuff)
The Unrestricted Library (office / reference library)
Bedrooms and all but one bathroom
Front room – in need of minor repairs from holiday bedecking, recent birthday celebrations and Nerf gun skirmish (still finding little foam bullets everywhere, even in kitchen, pool table pockets and down hall)
Toy Bins – reinvestigated, kid’s closet deteriorated in organization already (like a lawn it needs to be mowed periodically)
Kitchen – final sorting in preparation for major design and build out
Clothing – sort, donate, recreate, landfill
Garage / Workshop – reassess storage and tools (enter with caution and take pirate cutlass when venturing on hubby’s side)
Outside – assess greenhouse progress when return home and start sketches / plans for building furniture or repairs
RV – still snoozing and winterized, revisit compiled “Want To Do” checklist

Travel Checklists – barely peeked at, still flying by seat of pants, the idea is to make it so that others can assist in preparation for going places rather than leaving it to “Super Packing Mommy”, (cape optional.)

Technology – 85% assessed and replaced. Working on tech proficiency. Will see techy cousin in two days and will be up to speed (and eyeballs) on another 12.5 %, with a 0.72843% variable, would like to contact Canon

Friendly Financial Structure
Taxes – ready to give to wonderful, gracious woman who handles all such things (minus sending her a few receipts we left at home regarding the business)
New System – paperwork tidy and organized, new system still to be settled on and activated

Calendar – physical calendar not pretty, but functional, first event completed, continuing visits to family in So. CA, considering what choices will be of best life quality for self and family before accepting more professional or personal engagements

Next Writing Project – chosen, holding off tide until return home next week to let ink fly (more)

The Letters Game – having fun playing it with family and friends, enjoying watching it improve daughter’s (and others) spelling and vocabulary tremendously, doing absolutely nothing more to bring it beyond prototype to production, perhaps will write copy for rules, maybe have another run at finding out who can produce the tiles, design the packaging a little… or not yet

That’s it for now…

Hugs, ~ Michaele