Post 67 – Life Spent Well

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

What I plan to Do:

Evoke the knowledge I have gained of being idle and active in just the right measure, and making it dance to my tune.

What I plan to Create:

I shall create many spent things. Empty pens, tubes of paint, bottles of glue of all types. Reams of paper, colored or not, and pencil stubs hardly recognizable. Frayed brushes and sponges, spools of thread and bolts of cloth. Open boxes of nails, screws and packets of seeds. Batteries for cameras, flashlights and toys of all kinds. Crazy notions and whims. Gatherings of worthwhile, contented people and moments in time. Bags of herbs and Myron jars filled with exotic potion like powders. Crocks of rich raw honey. Bricks and chunks of cacao butter and paste. Baskets of wild berries picked just that day. Refrigerators and coolers piled high with vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish freshly caught and the occasional game brought by a friend. Dull kitchen knives, hatchets and spades ready to be sharpened again. Garden gloves sporting holes, sun hats and fins. Worn flip-flops, hiking and riding boots. Suitcases, duffle bags, back packs and tires…
And, if I am truly fortunate, I shall create as well, lots of full smiles, heads and hearts.

How I want to live:
I want to live with freedom and ease, in comfort and joy in the arms of my family, friends and wild places.

Where I want to live from:
My Spirit.