Post 28 – Chin Up Over the Bar

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

I feel like a great deal of effort has gone into pulling myself up to the bar that I have set for myself within my CTI goal. My toes are dangling, my arms are screaming and I get to do it all again. Instead, I think perhaps I shall pull up to another bar. One with plush seats and a finely crafted mahogany top. Oh, what the hey, it’s my vision, let’s make it zebra wood (no zebras are harmed in the making). I will stare straight into the compassionate eyes of the bartender and order a double.

“May I have a double wild Siberian chaga, duanwood reshi, cacao smoothie, with bee pollen, he shou wu eetee and blue pigment phycocyanin? Maybe a tablespoon of black, no red maca, about four or five of VitaMineral Greens, yes, and about a half teaspoon give or take of Activated Curcumin, some Icelandic flake salt and three squirts of chocolate stevia with a bit of shilajit. Let’s toss in 5 capsules of Goji LBP – 40 shall we, and then a good amount of Brain Octaine Oil, cacao butter and ghee… A squirt each of antler and purple reshi extract I should think. Some pine pollen? No, that will throw the taste too much. Let’s have some Liquid Light though, and Crystal Energy too. I’ll have the Mega Hydrate on the side. I thank you so very much. Top it off with Spring Dragon Tea, let ‘er rip and glasses all around!”

Wow, it’s time for breakfast. I guess I’ll go to the tonic bar. In my home. I’ll put on the kettle, set out the teapot for the Spring Dragon Tea, pull out the Vitamix canister and start with some wild Siberian chaga, dwanwood reshi capsules, cacao powder… Then with my chin up and head held high, I know I’ll be ready for the next pull up. Day 43 ready or not, here I come! Hope you all are at the bar with me because it’s not about where we are, it’s about who we are with.

Hugs, ~ Michaele