Post 13 – A Truthful Account of Where the Ball Lies (aka the new and improved list)

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

My over arching theme still is, as my Grandmother used to say, “Everything in it’s Place and a Place for Everything”. My goal is to situate myself and my family within an ergonomic paradise from which to create our lives.

* Denotes progress on items

– Websites linked, open and products available for purchase and shipping
*A day or so away from launch. Still wondering how to get the cart to still offer the book when someone uses the trash icon rather than having nothingness and making them go back to the home page to start all over again. Waiting for my latest article to get it’s pictures inserted. Still need to learn how to put in the text and pictures myself and to become comfortable with the “Horde” option I chose for email communications yesterday. (I’m sorry, that just rankles. Why name a product something that brings up images of mass human misbehavior? Am trying hard to think of it in the style of the, for those of us who have kids, Crash Course History on Khan Academy instead – “And then, there were the Mongols”, but still…)

– At Home with Happy (That is the name of our house. We name everything.)
* I can tell I am making progress as I so look forward to Thursdays, trash day. Have repurposed and renamed rooms in house. Have tidied, rearranged and set plans for necessary build outs for 87% of the UnRestricted Library, which will include office workspace and 79% of The Room of Requirement which has all art, sewing, photography and teaching equipment, build outs cut, glued up and still (yeesh it’s cold) waiting to dry before painting (thank you Hubby). And finished reading daughter first three books of the Harry Potter series. Again.

– A Friendly Financial Infrastructure in place
(Aka better accounting methods) for personal and business, taxes done prior to end of Feb. trip. (No more stuffing receipts into my purse.)
* Rudimentary lists assembled (To Do wantabe list), taxes ready(ish), receipts still stuffed in purse.

– Comprehensive Calendar
Events, including preparatory arrangements
* Contact with friends and relatives regarding trip to Southern California (attending event on the first Friday through Sunday in March, visiting before and after). Decisions made to leave horses and RV, take dogs, cat and car.

– Breakdown of everything that needs to be attended to room by room, garden, auto, truck and RV
* Comprehensive lists not assembled yet, only preliminary notes

– Travel Checklists
Daytrips, state to state with car, RV local and long term.
* Preliminary ski daytrip list scratched out, the rest, winging it.

– Equipment Checks.
Purchase or replace outdated or unused equipment, rehome the same, schedule any needed maintenance, know how to work all technology proficiently.
* Learning website intricacies still in progress, 10% through equipment. Some consideration as to possible purchase of new technologies.

– Choose which book is next up, review notes, consider finishing by end of March, address writing schedule
* What the heck was I thinking? I have six boxes of writing to go through… I think I will settle on which book is up next and whether I want to illustrate it myself or pick someone to collaborate with.

– The Letters Game, find thoughtful manufacturer who can provide tiles, do legal stuff, write copy for rules, produce for sale
* Enjoying playing game with family still. Not much done on side of manufacturing, etc.

That’s that for now. Must go. Birds swinging from feeder casting hungry glances at me through the window. Wishing you all joy filled success.

Hugs, ~ M