Post 4 – Dancing with Giants

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

In my world it is standing room only when it comes to ethereal assistance. Giants, menehune, tree sprights, the next door neighbors. The daunting part is what to ask for. Having had my mind set on certain goals in my youth and realizing after willfully achieving them what a disaster it was in the long term, I hope that by now I have cultivated a more useful compass to take along on my journey. No thing is Impossible. But everything has a consequence. It is the balance of things. It is my belief that our Time is our greatest currency. If poorly spent one can feel like too little butter spread across too many pieces of toast. Or in my case, not enough cacao to make raw chocolate, more’s the pity.

Speaking of which, it was one of my favorite people in the world’s birthday recently and I had made some for the occasion. It’s nice to be able to gladly eat my mistakes. Yum.