Post 10 – Mucking Out

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

I absolutely adore “Mucking About”! Today I am off to do some Mucking Out in it’s honor. Lightening the load as it were. Removing debris that has run it’s course through the system…
Holiday returns to the saddlery darkening our door, out it goes! Aunt Ar’s birthday gift milling about on the sideboard, card made, wrapped and off to the post! (The woman is an organizational marvel and true inspiration as an example of history molding accomplishment through showing up prepared with sensibility and conviction by the way.) Outgrown clothing and learning materials lurking in the recesses of closets, away they go to those in need! Then back into the Room of Requirement and Unrestricted Library to further my mucking out progress of yesterday.

(For my Tuesday’s project I created lots of space. Five piles of notes, four filing boxes, three tidy clipboards, two sorted shelves and an overflowing trash bin in the hall.)

So I’m off to corral more paperwork, family memorabilia, sewing projects and wayward art supplies. And later this morning when it warms up I will be headed to the stables to do some more “mucking about”…

Hugs to you all, ~ M