Post 9 – All Balloon and No String

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

My great prospective apprehension is that my creativity might not have frequent occasion to ground itself.  Rather than a big red nose, I am akin to a big red (though I prefer blue) balloon saying “Yes!” most emphatically to every creative whimsy that has the slightest updraft.  It is actually painful if I ignore the winds of creation, lest a sharp and dulling sensation fill the void.

The trick of it is to create constructively, aiming at a destination or at least a direction.  Though sometimes it is as guidable as a hot air balloon on a wind filled day.  But all the while I feel the angel’s push into the mark.

Hence my challenging determination to create a nice place to land.  A place where my string can trail along with a light tether.  One without pointy objects.  Somewhere I can come out of the great blue sky and lay on the soft grass for a rest in the sun, squint up at the puffy white clouds and interpret them like tea leaves.  On further thought, I actually have that, thanks to loving family and friends.  What I desire most deeply is a home for my payload of completed ideas, as diverse as they can be.

Must go, my head is expanding…

Hugs, ~M