Post 38 – Distinctions Defined

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

“Excitement” – Being swayed by outside influences acknowledging, appreciating or even interfering with what I am doing or have done. This can spark an urge or need to explain (out of time) what I am up to. Living a bit out of Time.

“Enthusiasm” – Doing it, what ever “It” is. Being present with my thoughts and activities for their own sake. Using all my senses to “listen” / feel my way as I go along. Present Time activities.

My Level (current) of Enthusiasm:

It is resiliently on the rise again. The rather affronting environmental change from conscious flowing nature to the unconscious cacophony of pollution and hordes of people and mini and maxi malls is behind me. (We came down to visit where I grew up in Southern California yesterday.) Please understand that no offense is intended what so ever, there is much beauty to be found in places like this. I know some people thrive in the type of atmosphere that exists here now and find it invigorating. But long term I do not happen to be one of them. I am adjusting as well as can be expected in an enclave on a lake near the coast where I can bury my head (both literally and figuratively) in the sands of helping myself and others.

What Impedes Me:

A lessening of physical well being. Like any vehicle, I can choose to push my body’s capabilities beyond what it is designed for. Then I don’t fit very well inside and want to jump out too often due to “discomfort”. Life then becomes a chore to steer.

I’m off to listen to today’s audio now.
Hugs, a slightly crumpled, forgot to bring my favorite mug, (remembered the teas and the cat), ~ Michaele