Post 48 – Riding the Waves of Retooling While Sprinting to the Finish

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

I am sitting here ready to begin my new week chocolate in hand, er, mouth, tea wafting tendrils of moist warmth into the air preparing to name and own one of the three offered modes of action and suddenly it hits me. Always before I would throw myself with great vigor into a project while riding the wave of constant course correction (retooling) and occasional halts up a tree to catch my breath between sprints as if a lion was sighting me for dinner. This method has admittedly produced accomplishments but not a deep lasting, growing sense of peace. Frequently it has resulted in exhaustion with the desire for recuperation and even Pavlovian like distancing from the project itself.

Taking into consideration the curious circumstances that initiated my CTI experience (a story for another time) I must admit that having had an unseen force mark a metaphoric rune upon my door, and having opened it to the mysterious characters that were hovering on my doorstep waiting to barge inside my comfortable hole, and having further agreed to be swept away into this adventure without even a pocket handkerchief, I will not be returning to life as usual for I am forever changed by the journey so far.

So in the company of Elves, Dwarves and Wizards I intend to show up every day, present as I can be to the lessons and gifts of life. For though the road is long, the Company cannot be underestimated.

Hugs, ~ Michaele