Post 5 – Ticket in Hand

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Commitment is when I am in love with something… A decision already made. It is to me an action brimming with transparent thought as forethought has already come and gone. A wave of direction or readiness. I am committed to solidly articulating my objectives come the morning of Sunday, 17 January 2016. (As today I am committed to heading out into the freshly laid snow covering the Sierra Nevadas with my family, taking to our skis cross country to collect in awe the photographic moments that will surround us. That, and our dogs would be hard pressed to forgive us if we did not.)

Must trot. The wild birds are looking at me through the window and wondering why no one has served up breakfast at the “Happy Bird Café” as my daughter has named it. (Formerly known as the “Happy Cat Café”, but we thought it a bit out of line philosophically as we accept the realities, but adore them all.)

Hugs, ~ M