Post 47 – It’s High Time For a Rest

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

(Please forgive me, every once in a while I am overtaken by the spirit of Theodore Seuss Geisel…)

Should I? Could I? Would I? If I do thens
What happens nexts
And if I can whens

These subtly wandering whispers and calls
Blossom and bloom
Crawling right up the walls

Replacing the fine sense inside of my head
I wonder about things
Quite useless instead

I find myself catapulted elsewhere in time
As controversy oozes flagrantly
Squishing round in my mind

Debris of theories having clogged up the pipes
Now covers the floor
With diffusion and tripe

Before I know it I’m knee deep in muck
Sifting good sense from bad
Trying not to say “Yuck”

This insidious rendering of things future and past
I must reel it all in
And go on a fast

For silence is golden if senses can hear
That between all the words
The wisdom is clear

No one’s on trial, not even one bit
There’s no point in denying
Or throwing a fit

I’m here in the now and it’s just as it is
I’ll put a stop to cognitions that masquerade
As show biz

Though they try in the moment to know for the best
It’s high time these tired out thoughts
Take a permanent rest

Hugs, ~ Michaele