Post 7 – The Lack of Storms

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

In the middle of listening to Day 9’s audio I had an epiphany. When I used to travel to London a lot the skies would clear and it would become sunny. The fog seemed more akin to that we had occasionally in Malibu, something novel and lifting by late morning. My friends would joke with me about it, “Could you come and bring the good weather with you?”.

I realize that for a period of years now I have fallen into a lazy pattern of reacting to storms. As a consequence, since my family is in the same boat with me, we have all been tethered to the mast or looking for citrus to make lemonade when perhaps other directions might have been sought. I have brought them along into many patches of doldrums and rough seas that might, could or should have been avoided.

OPE’s my husband and I call them (Other People’s Emergencies). Not that it has been all that by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been “battening down the hatches” for impending or existing external storms for a bit too long now which, upon contemplation, is just busy work. Rearranging the deck chairs while looking at different scenery so to speak.

Having panicked a little after declaring my intentions yesterday, I am glad to say that this morning, from out of a fog of amnesia arises full memory of how much I enjoyed “Bringing the Sunshine With Me”.

Thank you Michael (and everyone) for sparking the subtleties of improvement wandering about in my being. It is time to get truly comfortable with the umbrella in its stand again…

Hugs, ~ M