Post 17 – Three Little Requests

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

1 ) To Michael (Neill), I would like your permission to send you my book. What you do with it is entirely up to you as long as you promise to hold it in your hands for enough time to glance at the cover and decide its fate, about five seconds should do it. As a caveat, it is too thin to make a reasonable doorstop and a bit too cumbersome to use as a skipping stone. It’s a glossy hardcover book so I really don’t recommend it for kindling either. However should you be compelled to turn it over that’s certainly allowable and if you are inspired to do so feel free to peek inside a bit.

2) I have cornered a friend of mine who has kindly agreed to help me dispense with my facebook illiteracy. Unfortunately, she has to fly right back out tomorrow and will not be returning until the weekend so…
To anyone with patience, virtue and an in depth knowledge of social media (starting with facebook), would you be willing to take me under your wing and assist me with basic items such as where to find my (is it called a home?) page, privacy settings and how to communicate within it? I have a goal of being at least proficient within the next two weeks. I will be traveling to Southern California at the end of the month for an event and am looking forward to being up to speed with such things so that I may delight and amaze some of my family and friends.

3) To any of you artists, depending on which book I choose to finish and publish next I may be toying with the idea of collaborating with another artist (aka I write and you draw). If any of you are interested could you let me know (as soon as I can figure out how to use FB). I will be looking at doing the next book in black and white (full color cover of course) to make it easier to translate into various formats. I appreciate a style that can convey ideas succinctly with warmth and whimsy regardless of language, but I am open to all avenues of thought. Some of the books are various children’s series and some of the books will delve into some heady and even peculiar subjects and perspectives. All illustrations must be family friendly. I prefer a long term association. The ability to play well with others and a flexible sense of humor is mandatory.

Thank you all in advance. Hugs ~ Michaele