Post 43 – Hello everyone

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

Sara, I was sad to have missed the call on Friday, but overjoyed to have been spending the day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It is hard to say what was more fun, the sleepy little bats snacking upside down, stretching their wings, yawning, peering at us with interest and then folding them again like miniature Count Draculas, the Cheetah Run with the cheetah reaching almost 70mph (companion Labrador an enthusiastic and respectable low 30s), white rhinos and giraffes gambling about on the hillsides or the fact that it was gloriously sunny until the last half hour when the heavens opened up and the skies let loose the deluge that could no longer be held back.
What was even more soul filling was the time spent together with family we had not seen for far too long. All in all, well worth the extra 400 or so miles…

I look forward to the call tomorrow with Michael and am grateful for the fact that my watch (which emits such a piercing beeping sound when being set that each occasion I had even considered attempting to change it to “Fall Back” last year one of our dogs would howl and whimper in distress) will once again be (relatively) accurate.

Hugs, ~ Michaele