Post 65 – The Take Away

Michaele AlexanderA Grand Discovery

When I strolled up to the counter I ordered the usual. “One Endless Expectation with the bar set too high please.” But the Universe was serving up the fare that day and I walked away with something entirely different in my box. It seemed a little heavier when I took delivery. But I paid little notice and went to gather the implements I would need to chew and swallow my request in a tidy fashion.

But when I went home and opened my container I found my dreams and some nightmares instead. Knowing the Universe to be both a master chef and alchemist I decided to taste what was before me and found it fantastically savory, yet with a few bits that I had been terrifyingly accustomed to consuming which did not suit my palate any longer.

It took some effort to sort out the undesirable portions and I was still tempted to eat them for a while because they were there. But then I remembered what I ask myself when I feel physical hunger, “Is there anything worth being hungry for? If not, I can wait.” Inspired by what was left I seasoned everything with Time and began enjoying my repast.

I am going to keep my take away box and everything left in it. For it is all good and a feast like this is just right for me. And it’s nice to realize that whether I eat with my fingers, knife, fork or spoon I will from now on find the Staff of Life inside.

Hugs to you all, ~ Michaele

When I wrote this early in the morning sparked by Michael’s “What do you take from that?” reference, I was particularly pleased with the multiple entendre involved with the “Staff of Life”. Until my husband, someone whom I consider an educated and well read person, commented about it.
“Tell me, what are you trying to say by this?”.
(Balloon bursting and squealing about the room.)
“Er, I take it you don’t get it?”
He smiled one of those slightly apologetic, mostly patient smiles and I knew for sure that it wasn’t one of those growing up on the East Coast vs West Coast things. So though I am loathe to do this (I consider it a personal faux pas) here goes…

1) The Staff of Life is a euphemism for a staple of nourishment, usually bread.
2) A wizard’s staff able to give life to magic and magic to life.
3) Support, as in one’s own personal staff, from life itself.

All right. There we have it now. Hrmmph.